Warranty Registration

Coverstar offers the most comprehensive warranties in the industry on its automatic safety covers and solid/mesh safety covers.

Automatic safety cover warranty

Coverstar offers a limited 7 year warranty on its fabric. This warranty includes things that other manufacturers don't. For example, it includes the heat seal between the webbing to the fabric. All other manufacturers sew their webbing to their fabric and do not usually warranty this connection as it can come apart before the cover needs to be replaced due to the breakdown of the threads. Coverstar heat seals its webbing directly to the fabric and is covered under the same warranty as the cover materials itself.

Solid/mesh safety cover warranty

Coverstar covers are built so strong they come with the strongest warranties in the industry.

  • 9000MX Max Shade Mesh - 25 Year limited warranty (5 year full, 20 year prorated)
  • 7000MS High Shade Mesh - 20 Year limited warranty (5 year full, 15 year prorated)
  • 5000M Standard Mesh - 15 Year limited warranty (3 year full, 12 year prorated)
  • 1000V Heavy Duty Solid Vinyl - 15 Year limited warranty (3 year full, 12 year prorated)
  • 500P Lite Duty Solid Vinyl - 12 Year limited warranty (2 year full, 10 year prorated)



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