Every pool owner has to contend with some amount of heat loss and evaporation, but an automatic cover can make heat loss and evaporation more manageable. Learn how Coverstar automatic pool covers can help to keep your pool at a nice, warm temperature, minimize water evaporation, and reduce the need for costly pool maintenance.

Saving Energy

While you will save your own energy by opening your pool with a switch vs. dragging a heavy pool cover, you can feel good knowing your automatic pool cover offers its own environmental and energy-saving benefits.

Because your pool is kept much cleaner when you use an automatic cover, pump and filter use can be reduced dramatically to just a few hours a day! This saves energy, which in turn, reduces pollution. Plus, pool covers can reduce evaporation, which means you don’t need to constantly refill your pool or shock and balance the water, reducing the amount of chemicals required for ongoing maintenance.

A Coverstar automatic pool cover helps you save big on heating, electricity, water and pool chemicals, and lets you enjoy a cleaner, safer pool.


How Much Energy Does an Automatic Pool Cover Save?

Consistent use of a pool cover offers these cost- and energy-saving benefits:

Up to 90% reduction

in evaporation

Up to 70% reduction

in pool heating costs

Up to 50% reduction

in electricity costs

Up to 70% reduction

in chemical use

Preventing Water Evaporation

Water evaporation is a nuisance for any pool owner. When cool air hits warm pool water, it can lead to evaporation. One of the main culprits for water loss in pools and spas is evaporation. Water loss means more work for you to fill your pool and balance the water.

A swimming pool can lose up to a quarter-inch of water each day. This can be influenced by weather and environmental factors including wind intensity, humidity and sunlight. A pool cover is one of the best ways to prevent evaporation. An automatic pool cover completely seals your pool when it’s not in use to reduce water evaporation.

How to Reduce Pool Heat Loss

An automatic pool cover is one of the best ways to prevent pool heat loss because it keeps the warm water inside your pool and keeps cold air out so the water maintains a consistently comfortable temperature. Pool covers can reduce your pool heating costs by up to 70% by reducing evaporation. Simply seal your pool when it’s not in use and let the pool cover do the rest!

Pool Cover Heating Benefits

Warm water in your pool means you can enjoy your backyard longer after the spring and summer have passed. Depending on your location, an automatic pool cover can help to extend your swimming season by up to three months. Besides warm, comfortable water, pool covers can also help you conserve water and reduce chemical consumption.

According to the Department of Energy:

  • A pool cover can reduce the amount of make-up water needed for your pool by 30% – 50%
  • A pool cover can help to reduce the pool’s chemical consumption by 35% – 60%

How Much Energy Does a Pool Cover Save?

When left uncovered, the water temperature of your swimming pool drops an average of five degrees (F). Keeping your pool covered can help you reduce this heat loss by almost 50%.

A Coverstar automatic pool cover acts as a passive solar heater and can help to increase pool water temperature by eight to 10 degrees.

Have you ever accidentally left your windows open while running your air conditioner? Because the cool air can escape through the windows, it takes more time to cool down the house. The same concept applies to a pool cover. When you seal your pool, it keeps the warm air inside and can help to make your pool heater more efficient.

Water evaporation is the leading cause of energy loss. According to the Department of Energy, it only takes one Btu (British thermal unit) to raise one pound of water one degree, but each pound of 80-degree water that evaporates takes 1,048 Btu of heat out of the pool.


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