Pool Cover Advantages

Safety is the number one concern for any pool owner. A Coverstar automatic pool cover is the strongest way to prevent children and pets from getting into your pool when you’re not there. Beyond peace of mind, a pool cover can save you money on your utility bills, make it easier and convenient to use your pool, and significantly reduce pool maintenance requirements. This means you can spend less time cleaning and maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it with your family!


Pool Covers Help You Save on Heating and Energy Costs

A Coverstar automatic cover acts as a passive solar heater and can increase your water temperature by eight to 10 degrees. Unlike solar covers, autocovers completely seal your pool with the touch of a button. Sealing your pool when it’s not in use prevents evaporation, the leading contributor to heat-loss. Reducing heat loss can lead to warmer water temperatures; extending the swimming season up to three months in some locations.

Covering your pool when it’s not in use will help you save big on heating, electricity, and pool chemicals. A Coverstar pool cover can save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills each year. With these savings, your pool cover will pay for itself in just a few years!


Pool Covers Reduce the Need for Pool Care & Maintenance

Every pool requires some amount of maintenance to increase its longevity and allow you to enjoy it for years to come. An automatic pool cover can reduce the amount of care and maintenance your pool needs, and save you money on pool maintenance materials and chemicals.

When you leave your pool open, it can collect dirt, debris, bugs, leaves, and more. When you seal your pool with an automatic pool cover, it will help you keep the water clean. Sealing your pool can also protect it from harsh weather conditions so you can keep your pool looking like new all year long.

Coverstar autocovers reduce water evaporation and chemical consumption. Reducing evaporation saves you money on water and pool-maintenance chemicals. Spend more time in your pool rather than cleaning it!


Automatic Pool Covers Increase Pool Safety

A pool is a place for families to come together and create lifelong memories of joy and happiness. But pools can also cause anxiety for parents who have little ones and pets at home. No parent wants to have to worry about a child wandering into a pool unsupervised.

Coverstar automatic pool covers are childproof and pet-proof to create an impenetrable barrier. Our automatic pool covers meet ASTM Standards, which calls for the use of safety devices for pools that meet national regulations. Parents can have peace of mind that their kids will stay safe, and you can use your pool exactly as you intended; for family fun!


Coverstar Autocovers Offer Convenience

After a long day, you want to relax and unwind in your warm, clean pool. Unlike other pool covers, you can open your pool with the touch of a button; no need to unfasten or drag a heavy pool cover.

We offer multiple touchpad and locked switch options to make it even easier to open and close your pool. With an  automatic pool cover, you can open your pool yourself. Use your pool whenever the mood strikes and enjoy worry-free, hassle-free pool ownership.


Coverstar Pool Covers Offer Simplicity in Design

Coverstar automatic pool covers offer the ultimate in pool protection, and our pool covers are designed to be simple, easy to operate, and convenient. The weather-proof toggle switch allows you to open or close your pool effortlessly.

Our selection of automatic pool cover models and fabric colors lets you pick the perfect cover for your lifestyle. Simply select the model and style that works with your pool system, and leave the rest to us to protect your loved ones and your investment.


Contact a Qualified Dealer to Learn More

If you have questions about any of our exclusive automatic pool cover features and options, contact one of our knowledgeable Coverstar dealers. They can provide additional details on how our covers are made and help you design the perfect cover for your needs.


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