There's no need to put the things you value most at risk. A COVERSTAR Automatic safety cover system is designed to give you the kind of peace of mind you need to truly enjoy your pool without worries.

ASTM Safety Cover Material

ASTM Standards for Safety Covers – Coverstar Automatic Cover systems have been tested and do meet the safety standards that are outlined in ASTM F1346-91.

Secured Key Switch

No need to worry about unsafe access to a Coverstar automatic safety cover because the control switch requires either a key to unlock the cover plate, or a 4 digit code to gain access.

UL Electrical & Safety Cover Certified

Any time there is electricity near a pool, you want to be sure it's safe. A COVERSTAR safety cover system is UL listed and certified to meet the stringent standard for automatic safety pool covers.


Coverstar Automatic Safety Cover Brochure

Coverstar Solid and Mesh Safety Cover Brochure

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